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  Hog Casings
  Natural Hog casings creates a juicier texture to the bite, and this taste cannot be imitated by any other product. They are extremely aromatic and hold in the flavor of the meat very well.
The durableness of the hog casings allow effective production of sausage with better quality. They are
transparent which is one of the most attractive characteristics of this particular casing. Hog casings can keep
it's good appearance through increased shelf life which makes it appealing in the long run. They come in 10
sizes measured in diameters which is suitable for various types of sausages.
  Hog Casing Types
  Hand Pulled
  These casings are hand pulled from hogs and have the fat removed by hand which creates a whisker-less
type of casing. The whisker-free characteristic is the most important aspect of the hand pulled casing. Hand
pulled casings may be used for all sausage types and is more appealing to the eye.
Hand pulling on the casings also stretch out the hog casing. These casings are uniform in size and shape
which provides minimal waste. The transparency is beneficial so customers can see the ingredients of the sausage.
  These hog casings have the fat removed by knife but the knife is not able to break through the outer collagen membrane of the casing but also causes less holes. But this also can leave some fat on the exterior of the
casing. These fat tissues become the white threads also known as whiskers. This is the main difference
between knife-cut casings and hand pulled casings. Knife cut casings are also usedfor all types of sausages
but mainly used for smoked and dried sausages. The transparency is also in the knife-cut casing allows the visibility of the quality of product. Knife-cut casings have thinner walls while still keeping its durability. Most importantly this type of cut creates longer strands of casing which increases productivity.
  Packaging is the same for both different casing cuts; they are packaged in salted form, individual packaged
bags with brine, Net Packs, and Tubes with strands of casing sleeved on plastic tubesand packed in salt
and brine. Whichever is better suited for our customers.
  Water Running Calibers
  Diameter (mm) Approximate Stuffing Weight (lbs)
28-30 90
30-32 100
32-35 120
35-38 140
38-42 160
42+ 180
Hog Casing Types
> Hand Pulled
> Knife-Cut
> Packaging
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